Upload Videos & Receive feedback

quickly and easily upload your videos for your peers to critique.

Help Others

Want to see your favorite sports keep growing? Help others by commenting and marking up their videos!

Learning from your community

Use other's videos to compare your style and technique. New to a sport? No problem! Just log on and start learning.

App Features

Video markups

Using our markup feature allows you to draw directly on video shots to explain form corrections.

Starred videos

Star your favorite videos so that you can come back and watch them when you need a reminder, or are ready to move onto your next skill.

Connect with your community

Kritic allows you to connect with others in your specific sporting community.


Notifications will generate when you have a new comment or markup on your video, or when someone comments on a video that you have been following.

Upload videos right from your phone

Use our easy video upload to pull in videos, and edit their length.

IOS & android version

Download Kritic directly onto your iphone or Android device.

Ambassador Program

Want to become a Kritic Ambassador? We are now looking for new members for our January Ambassador launch!

- 1k + followers on instagram (Can be subsituted for other social platforms)
- 5 + Videos uploaded on the Kritic App
- Affiliated with one or more of our sports

- First to receive new branded Kritic merchendise
- $10 Amazon gift card & Promo bundle for new ambassadors
- Incentive program (subject to change)
   - 20+ New users = $10 Amazon gift card
   - 50+ New users = $25 Amazon gift card + Kritic T-Shirt
- Influencer perks - Pay Per Post opportunities offered on a case by case basis

- Bring in new users
- Upload 1+ Video per week
- Represent the Kritic brand on Social media
- Hand out free Kritic swag during promo periods

To apply, leave a comment below with the Subject "Ambassador Program"!

Our Creative Team

Our team is passionate about progressing our favorite sports and providing a solution
for our friends who want to improve, and help out others in their community.

Jonathan Lazarowicz

CTO - Founder


CEO - Founder

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